Finish time cohorts

Runners get identified by their timing, a 59:40 is known as a sub 60 mins runner while a 44:42 is known as a sub 45min; runners like this distinction and wear it with pride. Here is a chart of how runners finished under different time thresholds. We put them under 4 time categories; sub 45min, 50min, 55min, and 60min. These numbers are great indication of how competitive the field is for a given year.

  • By far the year 2019 was most competitive. There were 2491 finishers under 1 hour. 305 runners finished under 45min mark, which is every amateur runners dream.
  • More than 171 women achieved the sub 60min mark in 2019. This is an amazing progress considering there were only 31 women finisher under sub 60min mark in 2011.
  • It is natural to expect more runners would achieve these time milestones as years pass by, and with long distance running gaining popularity in India. To our surprise there is sudden dip in 2018. Similar dip observed in 2015 too. What could be the cause? Change in route, weather or something else?
  • Route is same for years 2017 and 2018. So change in route probably is not the cause. 2018 has recorded second highest humidity levels of 89% along with 36% increase in overall participation from the preceeding year. 2015 is even worse at 99% humidity.