Ep 34: Crafting the Perfect Training Plan

Ep 34: Crafting the Perfect Training Plan

Whether you’re a casual jogger or an aspiring marathoner, the journey of running is filled with its unique set of challenges and rewards. And just like any journey, having a road-map or a guide can make all the difference. This is where the importance of a structured training plan comes into play.

Imagine embarking on an ambitious project without a blueprint or setting out on a road trip without any maps. Sure, you might eventually complete the project or reach your destination, but the process would be fraught with uncertainty, inefficiencies, and potential pitfalls. Similarly, in the realm of running, embarking on your journey without a plan might lead you to some unexpected hurdles, injuries, or even burnouts.

In this episode of “World of Running,” our host Aditi Pandya delves deep into the crafting training plans for runners, with coach and sports scientist, and co-founder of Run Kaizen Josh Sambrook.

Guest Intro: Josh Sambrook

Josh is a sports scientist, 2:28 marathoner and running coach. At university he specialized in predicting race performance from training, which he then developed into a system that underpins his personal training. After finding success in races using this method, friends and training partners asked if he would share his training plan with them. This grew until it became his app, Run Kaizen. You can check out the app at https://kaizen.app.link/

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Foundation of Training Plans:
    • Why training plans are essential for runners.
    • Understanding the structure, periodicity, and progression behind training plans.
    • Macrocycles and meso cycles in training.
    • The science behind training cycles: Periodization, Supercompensation, Stimulus.
    • General structure of a training plan.
  2. State of Training Plans:
    • Recommendations for using off-the-shelf plans vs. personalized plans.
    • Technological advancements in personalizing training plans.
    • Features of the “Run Kaizen” app and system for optimal training.
  3. Basics of Crafting a Training Plan:
    • Considerations for crafting a training plan: Training weeks, Distance, Areas of weakness.
    • Importance of weekly mileage and its progression.
    • Key workouts for a runner’s training plan: Tempo workouts, Interval workouts, Long runs, etc.
    • Determining paces for different workouts.
  4. Executing The Training Plan:
    • Handling missed workouts or training weeks due to life’s unexpected events.
    • Challenges of rigid book plans and the need for dynamic adjustments.

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