Nike Pegasus 41 Review

Review of Women’s Pegasus 41
Nike Pegasus 41 Review

The Nike Pegasus series, introduced in 1983, is now in its 41st edition. Pegasus has been a go-to shoe for runners and one of the most versatile shoes in the market. I’ve used many daily trainers including several editions of Pegasus, with Peg 41 being my 4th pair after 35, 38, and 39.

Not a rule, but generally Pegasus series saw major upgrades for every two editions. Pegasus 40 is a minor upgrade to Pegasus 39. So a major upgrade was due with Pegasus 41, and hence there was quite a bit of hype around its launch in the running world. Indeed Nike has made significant changes with Pegasus 41.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

What makes up Pegasus 41?

These features summarize what Pegasus 41 it is all about

  • Breathable Upper: A redesigned engineered mesh upper
  • Grippy Outsole: The signature waffle-inspired rubber outsole
  • Comfortable Fit: A plush collar, tongue, and sock liner create a secure fit that feels soft and supportive.
  • Responsive Midsole: The all-new ReactX foam (first introduced in Infinity RN4) midsole is 13% more responsive than the previous React foam
  • Increased Stack height: At 37mm, the midsole is 4mm higher than the previous edition
  • Sustainable Construction: Nike has incorporated recycled materials into the Pegasus 41, using 70% recycled content to create a more environmentally conscious shoe.


The midsole comprises new React X foam plus two Air Zoom units (front and rear). Nike claims the midsole is 13% more responsive, and I did notice a slight increase in responsiveness, although there was no significant bounce. The shoe has a 10mm drop. Another major update in midsole is the much needed increase in the stack height. At 37mm, it is about 4mm higher than the previous edition.

Midsole is of React X foam and has two airbags


The upper is highly breathable and light mesh. I ran in extreme heat and high humidity (93%) with no discomfort from sweat or wetness. The mesh feels similar to Puma Liberate Nitro’s but offers better humidity management.

Upper is soft and breathable


Outsole uses the iconic waffle pattern, a design still thriving in Pegasus from the original. The rubber compound used is quite hard and durable. The outsole has a firm grip.


The midsole under the heel features a React Zoom Airbag. The heel is well-padded around the ankle, providing good comfort and grip. The heel counter is stiff enough and offers good stability, making it suitable for heel strikers.

Heel is stable and well padded

Why did I consider this shoe?

Having used Pegasus trainers in the past, I wanted to experience the hype around the Peg 41. I bought them at full price with extra shipping charges, hoping they would make excellent daily trainers.

Ride in Pegasus 41

I’ve run 100+ km in these shoes. My runs include tempo runs, easy long runs, and runs in various weather conditions. It performed well in all kinds of runs. However, it lacks the springiness, making it less ideal for pacy runs.

Compared to my other daily trainers like Saucony’s Kinvara or Puma Liberate Nitro, both of which offer better bounce, the Peg 41 falls a bit short in this aspect.

The Pegasus 41 is a true daily trainer, handling grunt work efficiently. It is neutral with excellent grip, comfort, and lightness.

Pegasus 41 is a true daily trainer

Fit and Comfort

Highly comfortable for 20+ km runs, thanks to the React X foam and two Air Zoom units. The padded tongue and ankle support are excellent, and the laces stay in place. The slightly wider toe box compared to previous editions, and the new upper provides plenty of breathability. The weight is equally distributed, and it fits true to size (I wear a US 8.5 for women). (In case anyone decides to gift me!)


As a neutral shoe, it provides excellent support with its reasonably rigid heel counter, waffle-checkered outsole and comfortable outsole grip.

Road Grip

It performs well in rain, on wet roads, and on trails, providing a reliable grip.

Pegasus 41 performs well in rain, on wet roads, and on trails


The Pegasus 41 is visually appealing and climate-conscious, made from recycled materials. It offers a variety of colors and a custom fit. Comfort, fit, and overall design are commendable.

Review Summary

Toe box


















Ground Feel

can feelcan't feel
The FlyKnit upper provides a snug, comfortable fit that many runners will appreciate. It's described as flexible, light, and glove-like,
Despite the lack of dedicated stability features, the shoe feels surprisingly stable, thanks to the narrow base and Zoom X foam,
The 10mm heel-to-toe drop makes it suitable for various running styles and distances.,
The Outsole provides excellent traction on regular roads.,
The vibrant colorways and unique design make this shoe a head-turner and a conversation starter.,
The shoe utilizes recycled materials and is a part of Nike's 'Next Nature' initiative, making it an eco-friendly choice for runners.
Despite the presence of Zoom X foam, the shoe lacks the expected bounce and feels firm due to the thin insole.,
The FlyKnit upper, while comfortable, is not as breathable as the regular Pegasus.,
The shoe was initially priced high for a daily trainer, though you may be able to purchase it at a discount.
Overall, the Nike Pegasus 41 is a versatile and reliable daily trainer with a breathable upper, durable grip, and comfortable fit. It's suitable for a variety of runs and various weather conditions, providing good stability and a visually appealing design. However, it may not be the best choice for runners seeking significant bounce and springiness for speed workouts.


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