Champions Speak: Murli Gavit

Chat with 10K India National Record Holder and TCS World 10K Indian Elite Category winner Murli Gavit
Champions Speak: Murli Gavit

The toughest thing is to keep things simple. The desire to “fit in” everything around us and in being “smart” we forget how blissful it is to stick to basics.

Let’s hear it from the champion on how he sticks to basics and keeps things simple. The episode is live on Youtube now. Click here to view the entire episode with Murali Gavit, 10K India National Record holder, and the winner 2023 TCS World 10K for Indian Elites Male category.

Kartik Iyer speaks with Murli:

  • What is Murali’s training like?
    • From waking up at 5am till the lights go off, how he plans his training and recovery during day
    • How does he vary his mileage and training from off season to in season
    • How does he plan his races?
  • Identifying the race strategy
    • Marking his competition
    • The finisher
  • What is his Kenyan experience like?
    • Living and training in Kenya
    • His training with coach Hugo Van Den Broek
  • What inspired him to get into running?
    • Where he comes from and the environment
    • How was his early life
  • What keeps Murali Gavit motivated?
    • How Murali bounces back from setbacks
    • Training and planning for his next races
  • How and why did Murali run the TCS World 10K?
    • Well that’s for keeps

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