New Delhi Marathon 2021 in Numbers

Visualization of New Delhi Marathon 2021 Data
New Delhi Marathon 2021 in Numbers

Runners love New Delhi Marathon course. Straight roads, flat course, and with a nice chill in the air, runners want to run their best here.

2021 AFLI New Delhi Marathon lived upto its reputation being the fastest. Being an olympic qualifier and AIMS approved, 2021 event hailed as the best organized race by all participants; kudos to NEB sports. The event saw 72% of participants finishing under 4 hours. Surely, a new high for amateur running in India.



total finishers

12% women and 88% men


finishers under 2h:50min

5 of those are under 2h:40min, highest so far in NDM


sub 4 hour finishes


sub 3 hour finishers

22 out of 166 finished under 3 hours

Marathon Finishers' Distribution by Time

  • Full marathon distance had 166 finishers.

  • 13% finishing under 3 hours, and 72% finishing under 4 hours, it is the fastest NDM so far. NDM 2020 had 31% under 4 hours.

  • Highest number of runners (14) finished between 4h:20m and 4h:30m.

Pacing Strategy of Marathon Finishers

  • Most runners ran positive splits strategy.

  • 10% of the runners(17 out of 166 runners) ran negative splits strategy.

  • New high compared to NDM 2020, where only 6% of the runners ran negative splits. Among 2021 marathons, Chennai Marathon had 12% and Bangalore Marathon had 6% negative splits.



total finishers

12% women and 88% men


finishers under 100 mins

29 of them finished under 90 mins


sub 2 hour finishes


women finished under 2 hours

Half-marathon Finishers' Distribution by Time

  • Half-marathon distance had 422 finishers.

  • 63% finishing under 2 hours, easily it is the fastest half-marathon ever in India.

  • Highest number of runners (53) finished between 1h:55m and 2h:00m.

Pacing Strategy of Half-Marathon Finishers

  • 29% of the runners, 122 out of 422 runners ran negative splits strategy.

  • This proves shorter distances are more conducive to run negative splits strategy.

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