Coach Rachna on SPBM pre-race routine

Some valuable tips from Rachna on the run upto race day
Coach Rachna on SPBM pre-race routine

On Race Strategy

My race strategy on Sunday will be to split the FM distance in 4 parts. I will try to go average negative splits pace by 5 to 10secs with every 10k.

Tapering for the race

I have already started tapering 3 weeks before the race; which included reduction in my weekly mileage, giving some extra focus on mobility, stretching and regular foam rolling.

Plan for the last week

Now with just a week to go for the race, will be doing my last run (which will be intervals) on Tuesday and a recovery run on Wednesday. I’m consuming ample water and good sleep this week, this is highly important and not to forget enjoying the carbs loading (mostly complex carbs) 🙂.

Advice for SPBM participants

For the debuting runners, align your race day pace as per your training. Have some reserve energy for the last 5k in HM and 7-8k for FM. Keep hydrating during the race. Most importantly, enjoy your race!!


Rachna Chakraborty is a fitness Coach and a seasoned marathoner. She was second runners up at Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2019 in Women Veteran Category.

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