TCS World 10K 2023 Experience Survey Report

What do TCS World 10K participants have to say about their race experience
TCS World 10K 2023 Experience Survey Report

The TCS World 10K Run, held in Bangalore, witnessed the participation of 13000+ runners who took on the challenging course. We asked the running community their experience of running the TCS World 10K in Bengaluru. 

201 runners responded to our survey, including those who travelled to Bengaluru to run the race. The survey results showed that the runners had a positive experience overall. They enjoyed the course, the atmosphere, and the support from the spectators. 57% of the outstation runners intend to come back and race next year. 66% of those who live in Bengaluru intend to race again next year.  

One of the biggest complaints was the crowd management. The start of the race was chaotic and crowded, which made it difficult for many runners to get a good start. The organizers could improve this by staggering the start times and enforcing the different waves of runners, or moving the start to a different location with more space.

Despite the initial chaos, there were positive aspects of the race that participants appreciated. The course, which took the runners through the Central Business District of Bangalore, received praise. Excellent hydration stations throughout the course, and cheering ensured runners enjoyed the race experience.  Post run refreshments were meh. The snacks provided post the race were not very nutritious or tasty. Volunteers at the venue are not well equipped to answer even the simplest of questions.  We’ve seen runners asking each other to find directions.

Thanks to all the runners who participated in the survey.

Prepared by Team GeeksOnFeet for the love of running

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