Open Data Set: Cadence of ADHM 2019 runners

Cadence data set of <2 hour finishers from Strava

Dr. Jack Daniels, legendary running coach, two time olympic medalist and author of the book “Daniels' Running Formula”, is one of the first to analyze Cadence closely. During 1984 olympics he examined runners, in various distances and concluded that most runners have running cadence upwards of 180. He suggested that it is important to have cadence higher than 180 to minimize the ground impact when landing.

  • For repeating the experience we have downloaded ADHM 2019 finishers data from Strava.
  • Not all watches measure cadence, so have yanked off that data
  • There are few outliers (beyond 250 and below 150) which have been yanked too.

Here is the data set for any further analysis. Data set also includes Strava activity URL for refence.

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