The World of Running - Episode 2: Speed Training

Everything you need to know about Training for Speed in conversation with Anubhav Karmakar, Founder & Coach - Athloft Multisport, 2h:38m Marathoner
The World of Running - Episode 2: Speed Training

In this episode, we will be discussing everything runners need to know to improve their speed; various workouts like threshold training, VO2 max intervals, sprints or speed intervals, endurance training, pacing, and more.

The guest for this episode is Anubhav Karmakar. Anubhav’s personal best for marathon distance is 2 hours 38 min, with diverse experience in endurance sports, competing in a wide range of formats like multistage cycling races, Marathons & Triathlons. He is a podium finisher for several top races in India and has also qualified for the world major races like the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon where he finished as the top Indian. Anubhav is a full-time coach, and you can know more about him through his website,

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