Ep 29: Intro to Trail Running

Introductory discussion on trail running with Coach Kay
Ep 29: Intro to Trail Running

Trail running has a certain charm associated with it, which is very different from road running. The former takes runners to quieter paths of mountains, lakes, forests, grasslands, etc. while the later is all about roads and speed. Trail running needs a different approach to running apart from speed & attire the most important is a mindset.

Whether you’re a seasoned road runner looking for a new challenge or a beginner looking to explore the great outdoor trails, this episode will provide you with the basics of everything that you need to get started with trail running. From gear and nutrition to training, we have covered everything you need to know.

Our guest for this episode is Kannan Sundararajan a.k.a Coach Kay.

Guest Intro

Coach Kay

Coach Kay is an Ultramarathoner, running since 2011 completed over 70 marathons and ultramarathons including a 100-mile (160 km) race, Back-to-Back Comrades Marathon, and a first-ever Triangular Run Challenge finisher with 500 km in May 2019. Coach Kay is the Founder & Ultrarunning coach of his academy KaysFIT Academy since 2016. He is the Founder & Race Director of Ooty Ultra & Bison Ultra. He is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and UESCA (United Endurance Sport Coaching Academy) certified.

Coach Kay provides online/personalized coaching & mentoring on general fitness, weight management, ultramarathon/running & sports conditioning, and youth fitness. He has coached more than 300+ recreational marathoners, ultrarunners & young adults In March 2023, KaysFIT Academy achieved a significant milestone by signing an MOU with the Center for Sports Excellence (Dravid Padukone Academy) to set up and offer a long-distance running coaching program, based on RCF (a custom framework designed by Coach Kay), to recreational runners inside the integrated sports complex.

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