Episode 4: Importance of Running Form

Episode 4: Importance of Running Form

In this episode, we will be discussing everything on developing a good running form that encourages better motor patterns and muscle recruitment. A good running form improves our running efficiency and reduces the risk of fatigue and injuries particularly which comes with longer and more frequent running.

Aravind Yarra, he is the brain behind the tech and production for GeeksonFeet and our podcast. Aravind is certified Level 1 Crossfit trainer and has keen interest in reaching optimal running pace by focusing on running form. He is a certified running form analyst and a marathoner with a PB of 3 hrs and 48 mins and his 5K PB is 21 minutes.

You can find more learning about running form and the mechanics at https://www.geeksonfeet.com/. Here are some useful resources related to running form.

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