Episode 5: Women in Running

Episode 5: Women in Running

This episode is all about Women in Running. We discussed various aspects of women, which affect their running and performance at different life stages. This episode touches aspects of - Female Athlete Triad, Women’s Physiology, Safety and much more.

The guests for this episode are Nirupma Singh and Vandana Arora.

Nirupma is ACE certified coach and holds several other certifications that qualifies her as personal trainer and fitness coach. She has qualified for the Boston Marathon for 3 consecutive years, and has come a long way in making her mark as a pioneer runner in India’s female running fraternity.

Vandana, has won the recent 2021 Bengaluru Marathon across all age categories with a timing of 3 hrs 28 minutes. Her journey in fitness started in her mid-30s and it was only in her late 30s that she became serious about her fitness and took to running long distances as one of the avenues to stay fit. When she is not running she is a full-time software engineer with a product company

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