Episode 6: Nutrition for Runners

All about Running & Nutrition - body metabolism, macro and micro-nutrients, and meeting running goals through right nutrition
Episode 6: Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition plays an important role which includes macronutrients like carbs, proteins, and fats and micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and fluids. Endurance runners rely on a whole lot of things to keep their bodies balanced during long-distance running.

In this episode, we discussed the importance of macro and micronutrients along with, time and recommended nutrition intake, bodyweight composition like - racing weight, and fat metabolism.

Guests for this episode are Sonali Sahoo and Sujoyjeet Mondal.

As a nutritionist, Sonali knows how to get to the root cause of her clients' health concerns. She enables her clients to open up about their struggles, goals, and what’s standing in their way to achieving their end result. Her focus is on building habits that stay with her clients long after they leave the program.

Sujoyjeet is also a certified nutritionist and a personal trainer. To provide actionable insights to clients, he tries to understand his clients' lifecycle from - their lifestyle, medical history, and their goals. Only after a sanity check, does he roll out a habit-based nutrition plan. The habit-based nutrition plan teaches his clients how, what & when to eat and why to eat certain specific foods to meet their health, performance, and body composition goals.

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