Episode 7: Mind Training for Working Athletes

Episode 7: Mind Training for Working Athletes

In this episode we talk about the various aspects of our mind that are wired to the performance of a working athlete - be it our everyday running targets, or waking up in the wee hours of the morning, and being fully responsible towards our families. It is about committing to our targets and knowing how important the goal is which is ahead of us. Focus, camaraderie, and visualizations are few among the other topics discussed in this episode.

The guest of this episode is Dilip Kumar. Dilip is an avid endurance sports enthusiast who started with long distance running accidentally and went on to get qualified for the Boston marathon twice and his PR at 2:59:52.

Besides running long miles, he has been an entrepreneur for many years and likes tinkering with tech ideas & building startups. Currently he is the co-founder of ImStrong a venture capital backed fitness tech platform that is being used by fitness coaches & enthusiasts. You can read more about his untold secrets on his blog www.dilipkumar.co

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