TCS London Marathon 2024 Round Table

Chat with 3 women finishers of London Marathon
TCS London Marathon 2024 Round Table

The London Marathon has consistently been the most popular event for runners worldwide, and the 44th edition was no exception, setting new records with over 804,318 applications. In a riveting discussion on the “London Marathon Runners Round Table,” three accomplished women runners — Gitanjali Lenka, Vandana Arora, and Tamali—shared their experiences and insights.

Gitanjali Lenka: A standout in the Indian running community, Gitanjali’s running resume is impressive, featuring two Comrades Marathon finishes and multiple marathon victories. Her training includes extensive mileage and strategic tune-up races, using races like the Tata Mumbai Marathon as preparation for her third World Marathon Major in London.

Vandana Arora: Known as Vandy, she recently completed the Six-Star Marathon Majors, a testament to her dedication and passion for running. Vandana’s journey in running has been marked by significant achievements, including being the fastest Indian woman in the Boston, Chicago, and London Marathons of 2023 and 2024.

Tamali Basu: Coming from a non-athletic background, Tamali’s venture into running was driven by a desire for fitness and health. With a late start in marathons, her approach is disciplined, focusing on consistent training and managing her business responsibilities alongside her running goals.

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Training Insights:

All three runners discussed their training regimes, which involve high mileage, strength training, and specific preparations for the London course. Despite various challenges such as injuries and managing professional commitments, each runner adapted their training to ensure peak performance at the marathon.

Race Day Experiences: The conversation covered everything from travel logistics to race strategies. Vandana and Tamali mentioned the importance of acclimatizing to the weather and dealing with race-day nerves. Gitanjali focused on maintaining a steady pace and managing the physical demands of the marathon.

Reflections and Learnings: Post-race reflections brought valuable insights. Gitanjali plans to acclimatize earlier for future races due to the cold weather’s impact on her performance. Vandana continues to aim for personal bests, emphasizing the mental and physical preparations that go into each race. Tamali’s approach remains focused on fitness, with marathon participation as a means to maintain health.


The discussion highlighted the diverse motivations and approaches to marathon running. Whether aiming for record times, personal health, or the thrill of competition, these women exemplify the spirit and determination that the London Marathon inspires. Their stories not only shed light on the individual challenges of marathon running but also underscore the universal appeal of this enduring event.

This roundtable is hosted by Kartik. Kartik Iyer is a conversationalist, running geek, techie, marathoner, miles to go CrossFit junkie and bathroom Carnatic vocalist. He loves striking random conversations with people just about anywhere, music and anyting to do with tech and fitness, in no particular order. He can be reached at @kartikiyer2007 on Insta and on Strava

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