Foot Doming/Arch Domes

Foot Doming/Arch Domes

Foot stability is a common issue among runners and causes a variety of other issues including pelvic drop, knee rotation, and excessive ground contact times. At RunMechanics 50% of the runners we anlayzed have foot stability issues. The common cause of instability is overpronation.

Strengthening the Foot Core

At the first hint of foot overpronation, most runners resort to stability shoes or shoe inserts. As runners, we all appreciate strong core (trunk, hip, and other small muscles), for performance and injury prevention, the muscles that control the foot are often ignored. Foot doming / Arch domes / Short foot as a proven workout to build a strong foot arch, which is a common cause of overpronation.

How to do it?

Start position: Setup for the workout requires standing on both feet in a neutral position

  • Keep the foot relaxed on the ground
  • Now try actively shortening the foot, by pulling the ball of the foot towards the heel to lift the arch (like a dome), by using the muscles that control the arch.
  • Hold the arch for 5 seconds and relax the foot again
  • Repeat it for 5 sets of 20 repetitions

Ensure your toes continue to stay on the ground, while you lift the arch. Please see the picture below.

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