Fall Forward to Run

Fall Forward to Run

At RunMechanics we’ve observed some runners have an erect running posture with arched back while others end up bending from the hip. “Fall forward to Run” as the name suggests helps to lean from the ankle, get better hip extension, helps mid-foot landing, land close to the center of mass, and reduce overstriding.

How to do it?

  • Stand tall on both the feet with elbows bent at around 90 degrees as shown in figure A.
  • While keeping tall, start leaning forward from the ankle as shown in figure B. Be sure to keep the back straight and do not bend at hips.
  • Continue to lean forward, and naturally you will transition to standing on the ball of feet as shown in figure C.
  • Let the gravity take over, and start running while holding the lean as in figure D.

When to do it?

This is a form drill to improve lean and to land closer to the body. So practicing this drill before your run as part of warm-up helps transferring the skill to your running.

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