Superman Raises

Superman Raises

Ability to engage the back strongly is the key to optimal lean and efficient running. Leaning forward without engaging the back leads to bending at the hip or slouched shoulders, which causes the collapse of the posterior chain. This results in weak glute engagement, hence sub-optimal power and speed generation and difficulty in holding the running posture. Most runners don’t have the necessary back strength or the muscle memory required to hold the back in position. Superman Raises workout strengthens the lumbar region, glutes, and the entire posterior chain for efficient running posture. This workout will also strengthen shoulder girdles and the upper back region.

How to do it?

  • This exercise requires an elevated step or a box. One is expected to do a good warm-up and mobility before doing this exercise.
  • Lie on your tummy in a prone position, engage your glutes and stretch your hands ahead (as shown in figure A)
  • Raise your hands and legs together, just like a superman, and hold it for 5 seconds (as shown in figure B)
  • Relax back to the original position as in figure A

When to do it?

One can do this as part of a mobility or core strength regine with upto 10 repeats of a 5-second hold

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