Toe Yoga

Toe Yoga

50% of the runners that visit us at RunMechanics have foot stability issues. The percentage skews further especially with beginners. Jay Dicharry, a biomechanical expert, believes the big toe is responsible for 80-85% of the stability of the foot. Ability to control the big toe independently from the rest of the foot (arch & ankle) is key to maintain foot stability. Toe Yoga is a workout to build this control.

How to do it?

  • Start with standing in a neutral position with both feet on the ground; toes pointing straight.
  • Focus on one foot at a time, and the other foot can be relaxed.
  • Raise the big toe as high as possible (See A in the picture above), while keeping the four little toes fully on the ground. Hold it for couple of seconds.
  • Then drive the big toe down strongly (keep the big toe straight without curling it), while simultaneously raising the four little toes up from the ground (See B in the picture above).
  • Ensure your arch is not collapsed and maintained high while driving the big toe down.
  • Repeat this 10 times on each side

When to do it?

If you have foot stability issues and/or overpronation, we recommend this is done as part of your mobility routine.

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