Ep 13: The Art and Science of Tapering

Ep 13: The Art and Science of Tapering

This is the beginning of our second season. In this thirteenth episode of ‘The World of Running’ podcast, host Aditi Pandya talks about “The art and science of Tapering”. To give our listeners a complete perspective of Tapering, we have invited Coach Pramod Deshpande and Athletes Kartik Iyer and Sharath Adanur as guests.

This episode covers

  • The concepts of tapering
  • How tapering differs from different formats of running
  • What are the key activities to do during tapering
  • How to plan taper from week to week till the race day
  • Tapering for goal vs. non-goal races
  • Considerations of travel and jet lag for overseas races


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Here are some useful resources for you to check on Tapering and Race day planning

Pramod Deshpande

Pramod Deshpande is a managing director of JJActive, a company dedicated to providing Services and technology solutions for Fitness and sports activities. Currently, Pramod is training more than 1200 runners across 26 locations. Pramod is the Author of Bestseller books Master Your Run and Neevuu Odabahudu.

Kartik Iyer

Kartik is an experienced marathoner and a regular Contributor to Geeks on Feet. He is always open to trying out new training methods and is a keen observer of the innovation in the science of running. He currently has been training based on running power. His race reports on GeeksOnFeet are legendary. Kartik’s personal best in a marathon is 3:17:30 at the New Delhi Marathon 2021, which is his favorite race.

Sharath Adanur

Sharath Adanur is well known as one of the first runners who broke the sub-3 hour mark in the amateur running scene in India. He took up running in 2013 and has been training on his own. His personal best in the marathon is 2:46:06, in Chicago 2019. Sharath has run Boston twice, in 2018 and 2019, and is currently training for his third upcoming Boston marathon.

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