Ep 27: Masters Running

Approach to Running for Masters for injury free and life-long running
Ep 27: Masters Running

Marathon running is becoming more popular around the world as a way to stay fit. These numbers are growing y-on-y. Closer to home, this can be seen in Tata Mumbai Marathon’s recent edition. The maximum number of marathon participants is in the age group of 40 to 44 years, which is 24% of the total finishers. A whopping 64% of the total marathon finishers are masters’ runners (age 40 and above).

With fast twitch muscles declining, and bone density reducing, how do masters athletes maintain their mojo?

In this episode, we discuss the topics relevant to master runners.

  • Running fitness despite the effects of aging
  • Being injury free as masters runner
  • Bettering the Recovery
  • Training & Racing as master’s runner

Guest Intro

Tarun Walecha

Tarun is a Delhi-based Architect and an avid marathoner. Tarun has been a sportsperson all his life, participating in various sports such as Cricket, Judo, and Volleyball at school, college, and district levels. After years of sports, he discovered running at the age of 40 as his fitness mantra.

Tarun has been running for more than a decade now and has participated in 56 Half Marathons, 10 Full marathons, and 15 Trail/Ultra Runs. His PB for 10K is 44mins13secs. HM is 1hr 38mins & marathon is 3hrs 44 mins. He has paced for various events such as Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Cairn Pink City Marathon, Super Sikh Run, and Millennium City Marathon. In the year 2016, he did a self-supported run of 7 half-marathon distances over 7 consecutive days in support of underprivileged athletes. He followed that up in subsequent years and reached out to over 5000 athletes. Tarun has been a mentor to various running events, he was also the Race Director for two editions for FOOTLOOSE and Run for Justice. Tarun also has been training and mentoring people into running for the last 4 years and runs an academy by the name of FitWithT.

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