Best of 2022

Our most popular articles and podcast episodes of 2022
Best of 2022

2022, It’s been a year of consistency and discipline, in terms of our miles as well as creating content for runners. Creating each article, we had many minds working on it, and we hope you enjoyed reading it.

We’ve also started experimenting with new mediums of interaction such as Instalive, YouTube live, and Twitter Spaces to make sure the best of running reaches every runner. You will see more interactive content in the coming year.

Here are some stats on what we have created.

  • 50+ articles
  • 18 Shoe Reviews
  • 11 podcast episodes
  • 8 Instalive sessions, 1 Twitter Space

Some of our content outnumbered the rest, and this is based on web analytics. Below are the most-read articles and listened to podcast episodes during the year 2022.

Top Articles

Power Your Running With Big Stride

Each one of us wants to get better at running. Our post on running stride - covers detailed training guidance; mobility drills, running drills and strength workouts to get that powerful and big stride.

Optimizing Vertical Oscillation for better stride

Vertical oscillation determines how efficient our running is. This article helps you understand how vertical oscillation effects your running, and ways to optimize it.

Shoe Geeks - Best Running Shoes of 2021

2021 was a transformative year for running shoes with lightweight foams & carbon plates being the norm. For runners in India, the choices are plenty. Here is our choice of best running shoes. Wish you all a very happy new year!!!

Buying Guide to Speed Training Shoes

Runners ♥️ speed training, and it gets better with shoes made for speed training. We’ve put together what we liked for speed training. Here is our guide to speed training shoes.

Foot strike patterns in runners

Foot strike is often the point of discussion among runners. Which is better? midfoot, rearfoot or forefoot? Should we change our foot strike? These questions are answered in our article of Foot Strike.

Top Podcast Episodes

Ep16 - The Art & Science of Pacing

In this episode, we spoke with Coach Daniel Vaz.

  • How to identify various paces for training eg: Endurance pace, Lactate threshold, VO2 max, Speed Intervals, etc
  • Acing pace strategy for various distances eg: positive or negative splits, tuning pacing based on external factors like terrain, temperature, and time
Ep17 - Strength Training for Runners

In this episode, we spoke with fitness coach Swetha Devaraj.

  • Benefits of strength training for runners
  • Importance of right posture in strength training
  • Strength training for improving triple extension in running
  • Approach to strength training for beginners vs. advanced runners and much more
Ep15 - Common Running Mistakes

In this episode, we spoke with coach Zac Newman.

  • Running too much too soon
  • Lack of recovery
  • Lack of variety in training
  • Incorrect goal setting
  • Too much racing

Prepared by Team GeeksOnFeet for the love of running

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