Ep 15: Common Running Mistakes

Most common running mistakes that runners make in training and their approach, and how to avoid them.
Ep 15: Common Running Mistakes

In this episode, host Aditi discuss the most common running mistakes that runners do in training and their approach, and how to avoid them with coach Zac Newman.

  • Running too much too soon
  • Lack of recovery
  • Lack of variety in training
  • Incorrect goal setting
  • Too much racing

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Zac Newman

Zac Newman is a Running Coach and the Co-Founder of Run2PB Online Run Coaching. Zac is a long-distance runner with a wealth of experience on track, cross country, and road races spanning over 20 years of training and competitive experiences across the globe.

Zac spent time in the USA competing at the NCAA US Collegiate System, before returning to Australia, He has competed in major marathons including London, Chicago and the prestigious Lake Biwa Marathon in Japan, as well as finishing in the top 10 at the Melbourne Marathon on two occasions. His Marathon PB is 2h25mins. Zac’s other PBs are 10 Kilometres-30:47; Half Marathon- 1:06:55

Run2PB features running training programs for distances ranging from 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon, trail & ultra-marathon and even triathlon-specific run, it was established in 2017 and has grown to a community of 300+ runners, from all over the globe being coached online.

Zac also is a host of Better with Running a running Podcast and also manages the partnerships and content of Australia’s leading running podcast - Inside Running Podcast.

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