Ep 8: Injury Prevention for Runners

Ep 8: Injury Prevention for Runners

In this episode, we talk about the various aspects of preventing running injuries. Running injuries are broadly categorized under 3 buckets - Biomechanical factors, anatomical factors, & training errors.

These injuries can be due to over-use of certain body parts or trauma. Studies show 50% of runners experience injuries every year. Guest of this episode is Somya Rout. Somya is a Sports Physiotherapist and certified strength and conditioning trainer. Somya is the founder of Stairs Physiotherapy which offers a holistic fitness experience for athletes. Before this he was associated with various sports associations in India and abroad - Soumya was the head physio for the Odisha Ranji Cricket Team, Indian Football for U19 and U17, and he also worked with the Vietnam Tennis Open.

He is certified at the Asian football Sports physiotherapy (ASPETAR, Qatar) and also has Certificate in Manual therapy(MTFI).

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