Ep 19: Guide to Running Metrics

Ep 19: Guide to Running Metrics

Technology is aiding the ever-growing popularity of running as a sport. There are metrics helping us to track our pace, cadence, heart rate, lactate threshold, etc. These metrics give us a very intricate view of our running. Which in turn, helps in providing a holistic view of our running progress.

In this episode, we demystify the key running metrics, and how they can help us to become successful with our running goals.

We discuss the essential running metrics such as Pace, Cadence, Heart Rate, and more advanced ones like Ground Contact Time, Stride Length, Lactate Threshold, VO2Max, Running Power, Recovery Time and more.

Here is our past coverage on Running Metrics to read further on -

Kartik Iyer

The guest for this episode is Kartik Iyer.

Kartik Iyer is a hardware design and verification engineer by profession - and needless to say that technology drives him, be it at work or in fitness. He loves exploring his potential as a fitness enthusiast and the data that his watch and other wearables share become a vital part of the feedback in this process.

A passionate amateur endurance athlete and a strength training junkie. A conversationalist by nature Kartik loves debating and hosting shows. He hosts “Let’s talk running”, a monthly show on the GeeksOnFeet platform. A news addict, he loves staying on top of current affairs, especially in politics. Music is an essential part of his existence and he is a lazy Carnatic (vocal) music learner.

Kartik has run 15 marathons so far with a personal best of 3:17:30 at the New Delhi Marathon 2021. & ran his HM (1:31:00) personal best at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in 2019. More recently Kartik ran a 10km PB (41:44:00) at the Bengaluru Runners Jatre.

Kartik can be reached on Twitter @kartikiyer2007 and on Instagram @kartikiyer2007

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