The World of Running

Podcast by GeeksOnFeet with Host Aditi Pandya

Our vision for this podcast is to bring the art and science of running to every runner. In our episodes we invite subject matter experts on running and discuss running topics - training, nutrition, recovery, performance, strength, etc. Runners can enjoy these episodes, listening over workouts, foam rolling those nasty niggles or a post run breakfast.

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Ep 32: Run Less Run Faster

Most traditional training philosophies and methods for long-distance endurance training have one thing in common, putting high mileage. For …

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Ep 31: Mastering Hip Mechanics

At Run Mechanics, we have analyzed more than 200 runners and almost 95% of them had weak hips. This could be pelvic drop, pelvic tilt, hip rotation, …

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Ep 30: Heart Rate Training

In the 30th episode of the podcast “The World of Running,” host Aditi Pandya delves into the world of heart rate (HR) training and its …

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Ep 29: Intro to Trail Running

Trail running has a certain charm associated with it, which is very different from road running. The former takes runners to quieter paths of …

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Ep 28: A peek into Kenyan Running

Kenya can be said as the Mecca of the running world. Kenya has come to be the home of world-class athletes such as Eliud Kipchoge, Wilson Kipsang, …

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Ep 27: Masters Running

Marathon running is becoming more popular around the world as a way to stay fit. These numbers are growing y-on-y. Closer to home, this can be seen in …

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Ep 26: Supplements for Runners

Supplements play a vital role in filling the gaps in runners’ nutrition to help with their running performance, recovery, cognitive development, and …

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