The World of Running

Podcast by GeeksOnFeet with Host Aditi Pandya

Our vision for this podcast is to bring the art and science of running to every runner. In our episodes we invite subject matter experts on running and discuss running topics - training, nutrition, recovery, performance, strength, etc. Runners can enjoy these episodes, listening over workouts, foam rolling those nasty niggles or a post run breakfast.

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Ep 15: Common Running Mistakes

In this episode, host Aditi discuss the most common running mistakes that runners do in training and their approach, and how to avoid them with coach …

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Ep 13: The Art and Science of Tapering

This is the beginning of our second season. In this thirteenth episode of ‘The World of Running’ podcast, host Aditi Pandya talks about “The art and …

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Ep 12: Best of Season 1

This is our twelfth episode, and we complete the first year of “The World of Running”. Our vision when we conceptualized the podcast was …

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Ep 11: All About Running Shoes

In this episode we talk all about running shoes. Evolution of running shoes The art & science of shoe selection Performance, biomechanics, and …

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Ep 10: Training for 5k

In this episode, we talk about the various aspects of 5K training for beginners and advanced runners. Topics covered in this episode -

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